Complimentary Well-Being Review

Get a whiff of the magic! Let's chat. One conversation can say so much. Book your no risk review to see if Vesica's coaching methodologies are a fit for you. Spend 45 minutes with Celeste before committing to next-level Well-Being. Phone consult only.

Seeding the New You

12 sessions, 1 hour in length to create a blueprint for balance in the following areas: mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. Gain the Key "Know Thy Self". Virtual or phone coaching. Schedule every other week to facilitate between session application of material. Email access to Celeste between sessions during the program. 

Sliding Scale: $395-$995

Your return: Knowledge and real life skills to implement on the road to Soulful Well-Being.

In Full Bloom

33 sessions, 1 hour in length to deepen the expression of healthy Self in the following areas:

Career/Purpose, Relationship to Others, Relationship to the Whole, and Mastery of the Soul. 

This path is not for the timid, must be ready to commit to bringing Shadow to light on this deeper, more rigorous alchemical path of transforming the fabric of your being.