Why Go Beyond?

Engaging with a health coach provides accountability, alternative approaches to long standing patterns and the comfort of having a cheer leader as you implement lifestyle changes. As your coach I will be giving you permission to romance yourself and make Soul a top priority. Folks who work with a health coach achieve their wellness goals more consistently and sustain them longer. You might want a coach if you answer yes to the following questions:

  • Are you hungry for a new perspective on life?

  • Do you feel a certain longing most days?

  • Facing fears about complex health challenges or late stage illness and terminal diagnoses?

  • Does it feel like the "magic" is lost? 

  • Are you spending way too much time ruminating and hesitating?

  • Do you feel frazzled, fried and disconnected?

  • Do you believe in your capacity for change? 

  • Know things you could do to improve your health and happiness, yet you aren't doing them?

Celeste's Coaching Creed:

I pledge to create a safe space and offer you:

  • Loving acceptance through the process of change

  • Accountability to aid growth

  • Personalized suggestions unique to you

  • Incremental steps that allow a new lifestyle to be born and integrated

  • Energetic support through various mediums


Wellness is a process that we'll co-create together.  Let's go beyond!‚Äč